Topographical, Boundary and Redefinition Surveys

Topographical Surveys

A vital ingredient for any land development or building project is a detailed topographical plan of the site. We have developed sophisticated systems for the capture of site information for presentation in both hard copy and electronic format.

Our CAD based plans are reproduced in full colour to aid interpretation and present a striking style that is both pleasing to the eye and well exceeds the minimum requirements for data capture and presentation. We can prepare detailed plans of any site or facility where accuracy and attention to detail is required.  Such plans may be needed for building and development work, evidence in court cases, or to record accident scenes for later analysis, or similar.

Boundary and Redefinition Surveys

We can find or define the boundaries to any land title irrespective of the age of the underlying surveys and will present our clients with a detailed plan showing the results of any such survey. Buildings are shown with boundary off-sets calculated and occupation details are added as and when necessary.

Redefinition is particularly valuable where there is any element of doubt or as a pre-requisite to any building work near the boundary. Note that the reinstatement of boundary pegs may trigger the need to lodge a survey dataset with LINZ.