One Market Lane

Spencer Holmes Ltd was commissioned by the main contractor LT McGuinness to provide survey set out support for Willis Bond & Co project One Market Lane.

One Market Lane is an 11 storey multi-use development comprising of luxury harbour view apartments together with commercial and retail units.

Spencer Holmes Ltd firstly had to undertake the subdivision survey to separate the recently renovated John Chambers building from the proposed development site.

Once this was complete the geotechnical engineer for the project carried out borehole investigations to analyse the depth to solid rock.


This ultimately dictated the size and depth of the piles required to withstand the weight of the proposed building. Given that this site is part of the reclamation of Wellington Harbour, piles for this project were drilled some 30metres below ground level.

Once the design was ready for construction, Spencer Holmes Ltd undertook an initial survey to establish site control and grid offsets on the surrounding footpath to assist with site excavation, piling and the formation of the ground beams.

As construction of the building progressed upwards, remote targets were established on surrounding buildings to assist with quickly orientating a robotic instrument through resection/free station set ups at each level.

This methodology proved to be invaluable for quickly establishing the instrument setup as site congestion severely limited available space for the set out operations.

Together with gridline offsets and set out of detail, we also assisted with steel verticality checks and level datum transfers to each floor.

The chosen methodologies proved successful for the site and helped LT McGuinness to achieve their construction timetable.

Spencer Holmes Ltd also went on to undertake the Unit Title subdivision for this project.

Approximate value of project $50million.