Chilean Earthquake

On Saturday, February 27, 2010 at 06:34 UTC (03:34 Local Time) a M8.8 earthquake struck south-central Chile. The epicentre was located 35 km offshore in front of the coast of Maule region (105 km NNE of Concepcion, 335 km SW of Santiago). The earthquake was followed by a Tsunami that affected a 200 km long strip of Chilean coast. This earthquake and tsunami affected an area of Chile about half the size of the North Island of New Zealand and a population of 6 million people.
The team visited a range of damaged and undamaged structures throughout Santiago and Concepcion to obtain as much information as possible on the design and performance of details and materials of construction. Upon their return the team has discussed proposed changes to regulations, emergency management, environmental protection and public health issues.
Subsequently fourteen members from New Zealand, and one Australian agreed to join the New Zealand Earthquake Society field investigation team co-led by Peter Smith of Spencer Holmes Limited. The hosts of the mission were the University of Chile (UC) and the Pontifical University of Chile (PUC).