Earthquake Prone Buildings

Earthquake Prone Buildings Earthquake Prone Buildings Earthquake Prone Buildings

The Building Act 2004 resulted in additional requirements for strengthening buildings to help protect people from injury during an earthquake.  The Act increased the scope and number of buildings that have to be checked to see if they are earthquake-prone and, where necessary, strengthened against earthquakes.

Wellington City Council is currently carrying out investigations on approximately 3800 identified buildings.  An Initial Evaluation Procedure (IEP) developed by the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering is used to obtain a structural performance score.

Buildings that score less than 34 percent of the strength required of a new building are defined by the law to be earthquake-prone.  Jon Devine is leading the Spencer Holmes Limited team working with Wellington City Council to carry out these inspections.

If a building is classified as earthquake prone then Owners then have six months to consider this assessment and provide any additional information about factors that might affect the strength of the building.  In providing this additional information, owners may wish to have an engineer carry out their own more comprehensive assessment of the structure.

Spencer Holmes Ltd carry out detailed seismic assessments to accurately establish the strength compared to that required for a new building.

In the event that a detailed seismic assessment finds that the building is earthquake prone and requires strengthening, then Spencer Holmes Limited can provide a full range of services including design, preparation of tender documentation, tendering, construction monitoring and the management of all necessary consents.

Click here  for the Wellington City Council Earthquake-Prone Buildings Policy.