Subdivisions and Legal Surveys

We are experienced Licensed Cadastral Surveyors.  We have over 60 years’ experience in the completion of legal surveys of all forms including traditional freehold subdivisions, unit titles, cross lease, road stopping, legalisations, easement and covenant surveys, limited title uplift  and adverse possession claims.

Subdivision Feasibility:

We prepare subdivision feasibility reports.  These reports show the development potential of any site, large or small.  It is often surprising to what degree land value can be increased by demonstrating the full development potential of any site. Such studies are relatively inexpensive and can help you plan appropriately, minimise risks and maximise returns.

Subdivision Design:

We design subdivisions.  We have developed a particular skill in planning large scale subdivision for residential, unit title, rural and industrial developments, from the raw undeveloped land into an attractive and functional finished product.   The survey team, using detailed topographic data, designs the new earthworks, drainage and services layout, roading pattern and other relevant components to a subdivision design.

Subdivision Process:

We manage the subdivision process.  Our experienced team of surveyors can assist you through this journey from start to finish.