Spencer Holmes is a leading planning consultancy firm and we specialise in delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for a wide range of planning projects. We offer comprehensive planning services tailored to meet your required needs. 

Spencer Holmes has been completing land development projects in the Greater Wellington Region successfully for a number of decades and as such the unique inner workings of the differing City and Regional Councils are well understood. Our work has also taken us outside of the Wellington Region and we have provided planning services to clients located around New Zealand. 

Our team of experts combines technical excellence, strategic thinking, and collaborative engagement to ensure successful project outcomes. This is birthed out of over 100 years of collective experience within the team. We understand that planning is complex and is only likely to become more complex in the future. Our team will guide you through the planning process to ensure a solution will be found that will enhance the environment and ensure quality outcomes are achieved.  

We work at the highest level of planning, undertaking private plan changes and preparing submissions for public plan changes. We also deal with the nitty gritty details and are successful in preparing resource consents for earthworks, house alterations and subdivisions that are routinely approved. We also assist in undertaking compliance of the conditions for the consents to ensure that projects run smoothly with clear and regular communication with all interested parties.


  • Commercial Building Development
  • Consents for Earthworks
  • Consents for Houses and Alterations
  • Consents for Signs
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Subdivision Applications
  • Planning Submissions
  • Feasibility Reports

Recent Projects:

Brooklyn Terraces

ohiro rd

Brooklyn Terraces is a 42-unit residential development located on the former Freemason Hall site in Brooklyn, Wellington.

Queens Drive Subdivision

179 Queens Dr - Spa Pool (Large)

Spencer Holmes was engaged to create a new title for a new dwelling including completing the legal survey and as built plans.

121 Festival - Land Use Consent


The 121 Festival is a three-day ‘Dance Odyssey’ event that was held in March 2020 and 2023. Spencer Holmes was tasked with procuring a resource consent for the 3 day festival.