Queens Drive Subdivision

Our clients at 179 Queens Drive completed the construction of a second dwelling on their 520m² property in the heart of Lyall Bay. Once this second dwelling was built, Spencer Holmes was approached to create a new title for the house. There are many unforeseen challenges when undertaking a conversion of an existing residential situation and creating a new title, however Spencer Holmes can guide you through this process. 

Spencer Holmes Involvement 

All subdivisions require a Subdivision Resource Consent and Spencer Holmes provided planning advice which shaped the final boundaries. Draft Conditions were released for comment by the territorial authority and Spencer Holmes assisted in altering and removing unreasonable conditions at this stage. Once the Consent was granted, Spencer Holmes provided guidance and assisted to fulfil these conditions which included completing the legal survey and as built plans. Following the completion of the legal survey, the titles were created in a timely manner.

Our client was initially surprised with the amount of work required for undertaking a subdivision around two legally consented dwellings however, with Spencer Holmes assisting, two titles were created without any significant delays.  

179 Queens Dr - Side entrance
179 Queens Dr - Fence & Clothesline

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