Brooklyn Terraces

Brooklyn Terraces is a 42-unit residential development located on the former Freemason Hall site at 383 Ohiro Road, Brooklyn, Wellington. While Wellington is facing a housing shortage, and flat developable land is hard to come by, Spencer Holmes assisted in transforming the former Freemasons Lodge into an inclusive small community nestled into natural vegetation. The site formally housed one building but now provides a range of units that are suitable for large or small families. 


Spencer Holmes Involvement

Spencer Holmes provided urban design input and planning advice in the initial stages of the project and together with the project architects, helped form the development layout. Resource consent applications, three water and service layouts, earthworks schemes and driveway designs were all prepared by Spencer Holmes and approved by Wellington City Council. Structural details for the units and retaining were also handled inhouse at Spencer Holmes. Our surveyors then undertook the task of setting out the blocks of units, stormwater, water and wastewater networks, and the driveway, before undertaking the unit title subdivision, which included the underlying boundaries to be redefined.

This project required a communication between a range of different consultants, contractors and stakeholders. Our team is proud to have turned our client’s vision into highly successful reality as well as providing new affordable housing in the city Spencer Holmes calls home.

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