J H Whittaker & Sons Stage 9

J H Whittaker & Sons Ltd make fine chocolate at their manufacturing and administrative base in Porirua.

This latest Stage 9 is a roasting facility for beans and nuts, together with specialist areas for ingredients, combining inspections and inclusions, food safety, and preparations for sequential manufacturing, quality control, and packaging in adjacent production line areas. 

The two floors have 5 metre high spaces, high floor loading for machinery, ducting for roasters, floor voids and conveyors, together with a food safety and hygiene regime in the detailing and specifications for all interior spaces.

The building is constructed of structural steel portals transversely with concrete surrounds and concrete masonry infill walls around the building perimeter. The suspended floor is constructed of rib and infill. The ground floor is a post tensioned slab.


  • NZIA Wellington Architecture Award 2021



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